How Home Heating Affects Humidity

Have you been wondering if your home heating equipment has anything to do with the humidity level inside your house? It very well could. However, the heating system may not be the cause of the high or low humidity levels. Dry skin, chapped lips, sinus infections, and other problems are a sure sign that you… Read More

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Where To Get Your Fall Furnace Tune Up In Lowell For $69

It’s that time of year, Lowell, where a furnace tune up is a good idea before you start using the heater. You can get a fall furnace tune up in Lowell and our other service areas for $69. Bud Anderson Heating and Cooling can schedule your fall furnace tune up special today for any time… Read More

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3 Tips To Save Big On Your Summer Air Conditioning Costs

Now that summer has finally arrived, most of us are enjoying more time outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, or even planning that long overdue family vacation before school starts back up in the next couple months. While summer is definitely the time for outdoor fun, most of us enjoy being able to return… Read More

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Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Service Panel?

Your Arkansas home is equipped with an electrical service panel that controls the various electrical circuits which are routed throughout your home. If your panel is more than 10 years old or you’ve been experiencing insufficient power problems, it may be time for an upgrade. You know that your home has an electrical panel because you’ve… Read More

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3 Common Plumbing Issues Found In Older Homes

Older homes are a highly sought after commodity in many places around the country, and for good reason. They can be a perfect find for the prospective homeowner who is looking for a place that they can fix up over time, or if you happen to enjoy the unique aesthetics that an older home brings… Read More

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Most Common Problems Encountered in Homes

We here at Bud Anderson Heating & Cooling have been working in the HVAC business since 1987. In that time, we’ve seen almost every different type of problem you could imagine when it comes to heating and cooling, but there are some issues that we tend to run into more often than others. These are… Read More

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Lowell Water Heater: Repair or Replace?

Your heater is consistently under nearly constant pressure and stress, so it requires nearly constant attention, maintenance, and repairs. Our plumbers recommend that you have a tune-up or inspection of your Lowell water heater at least once a year to make sure that it’s as efficient and as healthy as possible. But even if you’re keeping up… Read More

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Lowell Surge Protection Tips

Power surges are the main cause of an early death (or costly repairs) of home appliances including your Lowell air conditioning and heating systems.  So instead of spending your hard earned money on air conditioning and furnace replacement, be safe and utilize surge protection in your home. According to ACHR News the electrical grid is not highly reliable at this time…. Read More

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Lowell Encapsulation of Basements and Crawlspaces

  One important decision you will have to make as a local Lowell homeowner concerns the encapsulation of basements and crawlspaces. Without it, you could end up with a lot of hassles and costly service and repair needs. Getting this task taken care of can make all of the difference. Making it a point to… Read More

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Lowell Daikin Dealers

For the best Lowell air conditioning on the planet, Daikin is a name brand that you can trust for many reason. The name has exploded in almost all homes and businesses across the United States. Recently, Daikin had acquired the Goodman Global Group Inc. This newly acquired group has put that stamp of approval on… Read More

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