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Lowell Surge Protection Tips

Air conditioning and heating surge protectionPower surges are the main cause of an early death (or costly repairs) of home appliances including your Lowell air conditioning and heating systems.  So instead of spending your hard earned money on air conditioning and furnace replacement, be safe and utilize surge protection in your home.

According to ACHR News the electrical grid is not highly reliable at this time. Utility reports note that power quality is at it’s lowest in history and it’s getting worse. The utilities thus recommend protection against power quality problems. Each home experiences 300 plus potentially damaging electrical surges per year.  That’s why we recommend Surge Protection for your Lowell air conditioning and Heating systems.

What are some of the causes of power surges:

  • Power outages
  • Downed power lines
  • Power plant maintenance
  • Lightning strikes
  • Faulty wiring
  • Large appliances cycling on and off

Surge Protection Saves Your Most Expensive Appliances

If you protect your computer, TV and other small appliances, don’t allow your most expensive appliance – heating and cooling system- to go unprotected. This is not a DIY project as it involves high voltage wiring. Bud Anderson Home Services can help you protect your heating and cooling system from costly repairs or an early death with surge protection.

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