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Whole-Home Surge Protection in Northwest Arkansas

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Most of today’s homeowners understand the importance of surge protectors, yet few have adequate protection in their Northwest Arkansas homes. Surge protectors at the plug-in point are good but not sufficient for a serious electrical charge. With all of the electrical and electronic items inside your home at risk, you need to ensure you have the right protection in place. Bud Anderson Home Services wants to help our customers protect their homes and their homes’ contents from risk with the addition of whole home electrical surge protection.

If you want to ensure your home is properly protected from an electrical surge, don’t wait. Call Bud Anderson at (479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 to get a quote for whole-house surge protection today before you suffer a costly loss.

The Importance of Whole-House Surge Protectors

A whole-house surge protector provides a shield that protects your home’s appliances from any unexpected electrical surges. It is built into the breaker panel to stop the power surge before it reaches your appliances and electronics. This can reduce the risk of fire that can occur when the home has a sudden overflow of electricity, another risk of an electrical surge. A whole-home surge protector provides far more protection than surge protectors connected at the outlet, ensuring that all of your costly appliances are protected.

Curious about the benefits of a whole-house surge protector? Give Bud Anderson a call at (479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 to discuss the benefits of this important protection for your home.

Why Surge Protecting Power Strips Are Not Sufficient

Every single year, home fires occur because of electrical surges that overload an appliance and cause a fire. Often, those items are plugged in with a surge protector power strip, but sadly the power strip is overloaded with too many plugs to provide adequate protection. In addition, a power strip can only protect the items plugged into one outlet, and all too often families switch and move their items into different outlets without considering the surge protector. This is why using surge protecting power strips is not a sufficient protection for your home. If you want to ensure your home is fully protected, you need a whole-house surge protector. Bud Anderson can help with the installation process to ensure you are properly protected.

Tips for Protecting Your Appliances

You have invested thousands into the appliances and electronics in your home. In addition to protecting them with a whole-house surge protector, consider these tips to help add additional protection:

  • Combine whole-house surge protection with surge protecting power strips.
  • Never overload an outlet or power strip.
  • Ask your utility provider about meter-mounted surge protection.
  • Use GFCI outlets to protect your home from surges.

For additional tips that will help you protect your home and its electrical components, talk to the experienced team at Bud Anderson. Contact us online today to learn more about the steps you can take to protect your appliances and home.

Schedule Your Whole House Surge Protection Installation Appointment Today

Are you ready to protect your home? The electrical team at Bud Anderson is ready to assist. Schedule an appointment for whole-house surge protection installation today, or contact us to get a free, no-obligation quote for your surge protector. We are here to ensure you are properly protected, so your family enjoys a safe and functional home.

Give us a call at (479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 or contact us online to learn more about the benefits of whole-house surge protection.