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AC Maintenance & Tune-Ups in Northwestern Arkansas

Serving Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers & Beyond!

In order for your air conditioner to run efficiently, it needs regular maintenance. Just like your car can’t do its job well without a tune-up from your trusted mechanic, your air conditioner needs the attention of a qualified HVAC technician to ensure it’s giving you the best possible performance. Bud Anderson Home Services offers AC maintenance and tune-up appointments that will ensure your system is ready for the challenges of Fayetteville’s hot, humid summer months.

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Benefits of AC Tune-Ups & Regular Maintenance

At Bud Anderson, we understand that it’s hard to spend money on your air conditioner when it appears to be running properly. That’s why we want you to understand the benefits of investing in maintenance. When your air conditioner is properly maintained, it will:

  • Have a fuller life expectancy
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Have fewer breakdowns and less repair cost
  • More effectively cool your home
  • Protect your indoor air quality better

If you want to enjoy these benefits, all it takes is one call to Bud Anderson for an annual AC tune-up. Call today, and give your air conditioner the help it needs to cool your home efficiently.

What’s Involved in an AC Tune-Up?

When you schedule an AC tune-up with Bud Anderson, you can expect a thorough inspection from a qualified AC technician. Our technician will inspect and fine-tune your HVAC system inside and out, checking things like:

  • Cleaning and inspecting the condenser coils
  • Evaluating the coolant level to ensure optimal performance
  • Inspecting all components of the system, inside and out
  • Ensuring the ductwork is not compromising efficiency
  • Evaluating the blower motor and blower belt
  • Tightening electrical components and connections
  • Verifying safe, efficient operation

These inspections are so thorough, you will walk away with confidence that your system is ready to serve you well throughout the summer.

Are you ready to schedule your tune-up? Call today to schedule your appointment with one of our professionals.

Cooling Maintenance Plans

Do you want to save a little on your AC maintenance? Bud Anderson makes it easy with our cooling maintenance plan through our Total Care Club. By becoming a member of the Bud Anderson Total Care Club, you can get exclusive discounts on AC repairs as well as your annual maintenance included automatically. Keep your system running at its best and save money at the same time with Bud Anderson Club Membership.

Learn more about our AC maintenance plans and how they help you save.

Schedule AC Maintenance & Tune-Up Appointments with Bud Anderson

The Bud Anderson team proudly serves Fayetteville and the surrounding communities in Northwestern Arkansas and Southwestern Missouri. If it’s time for your air conditioning system to be inspected and tuned up, call (479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 to schedule your annual cooling tune-up. We recommend having this appointment in the spring, so you can be certain the system is ready to serve you throughout the summer. Contact us today to schedule your annual home AC tune-up appointment.