For 36 years, we have treated our customers, community, and employees like family! Learn more about the additional health & safety measures we are taking here.
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Contactless AC Tune-Ups in Northwest Arkansas & Southwest Missouri

Bud Anderson Home Services is proud to offer contactless maintenance appointments! During these unprecedented times, we are taking significant precautions to prioritize the health of you, your family, and our staff. AC tune-ups with minimized contact are just one action we are taking as part of our comprehensive strategy to protect our customers.

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Keeping You Safe Through Minimized Contact

During our maintenance visit, you can expect our expert technicians to ensure the coolant level in your system is optimal, inspect all components of your air conditioner, evaluate the blower motor and blower belt, tighten electrical components and connections, and all the other steps we offer during ordinary circumstances. However, we are now taking things one step further by adding a FREE coil and blower sanitization process into every service and maintenance call we perform!

At this time, we are also taking the following steps to keep you comfortable and safe:

Customer Screening

Before each appointment, we are asking a few screening questions to help protect our staff and your family from any unnecessary exposure.

Reinforcing Health Standards

We are actively training all of our staff on virus prevention techniques.

Providing Necessary Sanitization Supplies

We are providing all field staff with the products and supplies needed to keep them self-sanitized. We are also limiting their exposure, through measures like our drive-thru warehouse loading, to have the least amount of person-to-person contact.

Conducting Internal Meetings Remotely

Any necessary group meetings are being conducted remotely through web platforms.

Activating Additional Resources

We have hired additional staff to increase our internal cleaning capacity. We have also taken additional measures to sanitize products placed on service trucks.

Sign Up for a Maintenance Agreement

Ready to put your maintenance schedule on auto-pilot and reap the rewards of being a Bud Anderson Shield of Protection member? Sign up for a service plan and you will receive:

  • One precision tune-up, safety inspection, and cleaning of air conditioner per year
  • One precision tune-up, safety inspection, and cleaning of furnace per year
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty on repairs, with continued membership
  • $500 off new HVAC system purchase
  • 15% off indoor air quality products and services
  • Peace of mind that you’re keeping your equipment warranty valid
  • Priority service within 24 hours (seven days a week) or we waive dispatch fee
  • $20 off dispatch fee
  • 15% discount on heating and cooling repairs
  • Transferability within service area
  • Convenient ACH and auto-renewal

This membership ensures that your system is giving you the best possible performance all year round.

Why Choose Bud Anderson Home Services?

We have a three-decade history of providing top-rated services to our customers, and we intend to keep serving our customers with the same commitment, dedication, and hard work that has earned us our incredible reputation. Our technicians are all thoroughly pre-screened and ready to give you the “red carpet” treatment. From wearing shoe covers to laying down floor protectors and cleaning up after each job is completed, our expert technicians will show you and your property respect.

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