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Residential Electricians in Northwest Arkansas


Offering Home Electrical Repair, Wiring Services & More

Your home’s electrical systems are some of the most important it has, but they’re also the most potentially dangerous. If you’re in need of electrical services, you want to know that the work is done well and safely. Bud Anderson Home Services offers a team of licensed electricians who can help. With our reputation for professionalism and integrity combined with our highly trained electricians, you can be confident in the service you will receive.

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Electrical Services in Northwest Arkansas

What can the electricians at Bud Anderson do for your home? Anything you need! Whether a light switch has stopped working or something keeps tripping your circuit breaker, we can handle it all. Because we are licensed electricians, you can trust us for a full list of electrical services, including:

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Breaker Panel Upgrades

Many homes have breaker panels that are not equipped to handle modern electronic use. Does your breaker panel need an upgrade? If you’re dealing with a tripped circuit breaker frequently, that’s a clear indicator. The residential electricians at Bud Anderson can help. Our team will come to your home and evaluate your electrical panel with the current demand you are placing on it. If an upgrade is in order, our team can handle the job to ensure your system is safe and has the right wiring to handle your current demand.

Surge Protection

A surge occurs when the voltage in your home’s electrical system spikes unexpectedly, such as if the system is hit by lighting or your power lines are unexpectedly cut. All it takes is one power surge to destroy your valuable electronic equipment. Surge protection is critical to ensure your home and all of its appliances and electronics are safe. Our team can install whole-house surge protectors to ensure every part of your home and all of the electronic equipment it contains is protected.


When the power goes out and stays out, your home and its contents are at risk. Everything, from the refrigerator to the HVAC system, will be inaccessible when you have no power. Our residential electricians can install a backup power generator that will automatically kick in the moment the power goes out. This will keep your family comfortable and safe until power can be restored.

Outlet & Light Switch Repair

Outlets and light switches are easy to forget about—until they’re not working. Unfortunately, a non-functional outlet or light switch is often an indicator of more serious problems lurking where you cannot see. Our residential electricians offer electrical outlet repair and light switch repair that ensures the job is done safely, so you have full use of your switches and outlets without fear of a hidden electrical risk. If you have non-functioning outlets and switches, give us a call to discuss repair.

Lighting & Fixture Installation

Is it time to install a new light fixture or ceiling fan? Make sure the job is done right by hiring an electrician. We can quickly and safely install your new light fixture, making your home more functional and attractive. When you work with a licensed residential electrician, you benefit from knowing the job is done right and in line with all current building and safety codes. Let us know your needs, and we will put together a custom quote for your lighting and fixture installation.

Electrical Services Backed by a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Bud Anderson, we stand behind the work we do. That’s why we offer electrical services in Northwest Arkansas backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether we are installing a new light switch or rewiring your historic Arkansas home, you will have our guarantee standing behind the work.

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Highly Qualified, Trained & Licensed NWA Electricians You Can Trust

Trusting an electrician with your home’s electrical systems isn’t easy. After all, you need to know that the system is properly installed and working to protect your home because the risk of poorly done work is too high. At Bud Anderson, we only want the best possible people on our team. Our electricians are the best in the region, and all of our employees are thoroughly background checked to protect you and your home. When we come to your home, we will come in marked vehicles and with a uniform and identification, so you can be confident that you are working with a professional. Our employees undergo thorough electrical training and are properly licensed and insured. You can hire our team with confidence.

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Why Choose Bud Anderson for Electrical Services in NWA?

Bud Anderson is a trusted name in Northwest Arkansas. Our team has been serving the region since the 1980s, and we have built a reputation for integrity and professionalism. If you need an electrician in Fayetteville or a nearby city in Northwest Arkansas, that electrician is at Bud Anderson.

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