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Heat Pump Installation and Repair

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A heat pump is an affordable, reliable way to keep your home comfortable year-round. For professional heat pump installation and repair in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri, call Bud Anderson Home Services in Lowell. We’re local heating and cooling specialists and we’ve served our community since 1987.

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Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

If it’s time for a new HVAC system, why not benefit from the efficiency of a heat pump? Bud Anderson offers heat pump installation and replacement services in Lowell and the surrounding communities. Our team can help you select the right heat pump, then professionally install it to ensure optimal operation.

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What is a Heat Pump? How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps are heating and cooling systems that work on the principle of heat transfer. Rather than heating or cooling the air inside your home, they move heat from inside your home to outside, and vice versa. This can efficiently heat and cool your home with minimal energy.

Homeowners have many heat pump options, including:

  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-split heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Absorption heat pumps

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Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

Heat pumps provide notable advantages as a heating and cooling systems. Some of the benefits of installing a heat pump in your Arkansas or Missouri home include:

  • More efficient operation
  • Two operations from one unit
  • Better dehumidification in summer

Heat pumps work well in areas with mild winters. Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri are prime candidates for these systems! A heat pump is also an efficient choice if you’re looking to replace both your furnace and air conditioner because this unit does both jobs.

Heat Pump Repairs

If you are already enjoying the efficiency of a heat pump, you will find that it occasionally needs to be repaired. Bud Anderson has a team of heating and cooling professionals who can assist you in keeping your system running at its best.

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Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Like any heating and cooling system, heat pumps require routine maintenance. In fact, according to the Department of Energy,  a well-maintained heat pump will consume 10% to 25% less energy than a severely neglected heat pump.

We recommend scheduling heat pump maintenance twice a year, before the cooling season and the heating season. Our heat pump tune-ups in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri include:

  • Inspect ducts, filters, blower, and indoor coil for dirt and obstructions
  • Diagnose and seal duct leaks
  • Measure airflow
  • Measure and refill refrigerant
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect electric terminals
  • Clean and tighten connections
  • Lubricate motors
  • Inspect belts for tightness and wear
  • Verify proper thermostat function

Schedule heat pump maintenance service by calling Bud Anderson at (479) 927-2700.

Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces

A heat pump and a furnace both provide an efficient and reliable way to heat your home. If you’re trying to decide between the two, understanding their differences is essential.

A heat pump does the job of heating and cooling, while a furnace only heats. However, a heat pump relies on energy from outside, which means it doesn’t perform as well in temperatures below freezing. You’ll need backup heating to ensure your home is always warm. Finally, of the two systems, a heat pump is the more efficient.

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