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Leak Repair in Northwest Arkansas


No matter how large or small it may be, a pipe leak is never a good thing for your Arkansas home. Not only can it increase your water bills, but it can cause long-lasting damage to your home. When you need a plumbing expert to find and repair leaks quickly, turn to Bud Anderson Home Services.

We have been serving Northwest Arkansas since 1987, including Fayetteville, Bentonville, and Springdale, as well as nearby communities in Southwest Missouri. We offer a full line of heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services, plus much more. Our leak detection and leak repair services will put a stop to costly plumbing leaks quickly, and our licensed, expert plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency service.

Have you discovered a leak in your Arkansas home? For help from one of the best water leak repair companies in the Fayetteville area, call Bud Anderson today at (479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 or contact us online.

How to Recognize Leaky Pipes

bathroom plumbing in Northwest Arkansas, bathroom plumbing near mePipe leaks, even small ones, can cause an incredible amount of damage if left alone. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to spot a leak, especially if it is located inside the walls, ceiling, or floor.

If you notice stains on wall or ceiling surfaces, pooling water, dampness, mold, damaged flooring, or the sounds of dripping or rushing water, call our team at Bud Anderson to help you locate and repair the leak.

Leak Detection Services

Our expert plumbers can find leaks quickly, even if they are located in the ceiling, under cabinets, or behind finished wall surfaces. We can use techniques like fiber-optic cameras, thermal imaging, sound amplification, and physical inspections to track the water to its source and recommend the best repair options for your needs.

Call (479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 today or contact us online to schedule leak detection services in Fayetteville, Bella Vista, or Rogers.

Bathroom & Kitchen Leak Repairs

Do you have a fixture or appliance that has sprung a leak? From leaking faucet supply lines to clogged dishwasher drains or cracked bathroom sinks, our experts at Bud Anderson can help with almost any bathroom or kitchen plumbing problem you may encounter. We offer faucet and fixture replacement, pipe repair, drain cleaning, and more.

Repairing Hidden Leaks in Walls & Ceilings

Do you have a leaking or burst pipe inside a wall? Need a water leak repair in the ceiling or floor? Our experts can remove the affected section of wall, floor, or ceiling material, making it easier to patch later, and we can carefully repair the leak or replace that section of pipe.

Need help with a leak inside your Northwest Arkansas home? Call Bud Anderson today at (479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 or contact us online.

Outdoor Leak Repair Services

Do you have a hose spigot that has burst? Is your main water line leaking? Call Bud Anderson today for help. We offer outdoor leak repairs, repiping, 24/7 emergency service, and more.

Common Leak Repair Questions

How do I turn off the main water shut-off valve?

Normally, the shut-off valve is located on the main water line near the water meter. Turn it clockwise to shut it off.

What happens if a leak goes unattended?

The water leak can grow with time, soaking nearby porous surfaces like wood and drywall, and eventually leading to rotten wood, mold growth, or even structural problems.

Schedule Leak Repair Services in Northwest Arkansas

Avoid extensive damage to your home. When you notice a leak, choose Bud Anderson for fast, effective leak repair services in Northwest Arkansas.

Call (479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.