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Water Conditioning Systems in Lowell, AR

Whether your goal is to prevent damage to your plumbing system, increase the efficiency of your appliances, or improve the taste and quality of your water, there are dozens of options available. The key to improving your water quality is to find the right solution, with some help from the experts at Bud Anderson Home Services.

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What Is a Water Conditioning System?

A water conditioner is a broad term for any type of system that enhances the quality of your water and is engineered to address three major issues that originate in most water sources: algae, bacteria, and limescale.

Do I Need a Water Conditioning System?

A common issue found in many homes around the Lowell area is hard water, a term used to describe water that has a high mineral content. Watch for these signs of hard water and other issues that signal a need for a water conditioning system.

Scale Buildup

If you see limescale on appliances such as your kettle or dishwasher, or see stains on your sinks or bathtub, you have hard water.

Dry Skin and Hair

Large amounts of calcium and magnesium can make hair feel dry and brittle, and leave skin feeling leathery.

Gray Laundry

Because soap can’t dissolve properly in hot water it can’t remove the minerals that are deposited on your clothing during the laundry process, causing them to turn gray, fade, or feel scratchy.

Bad Smelling and/or Tasting Water

Water should be odorless and taste clean, and if your water has a foul taste or smells like metal, rotten eggs, or chlorine, you have a hard water problem.

Frequent Plumbing Repairs

Excess mineral deposits in hard water can wreak havoc on your pipes, leading to frequent repairs.

High Water Bills

An accumulation of minerals in your pipes and on appliances forces your plumbing system to work harder than necessary, driving up your water consumption and your bills.

Types of Water Conditioning Systems

Different types of water conditioning systems use different methods to generate a catalytic reaction that changes the behavior of minerals and contaminants in the water. These types include:

Carbon Filtration

Water is passed through a carbon filtration system that contains granular activated carbon, which is proven to remove various organic chemicals and others that may alter the taste or smell of the water, including chlorine and hydrogen sulfide.

Easy Type or Space Age Systems

Electromagnetic water conditioning systems use magnetic coils to reduce the volume of calcium, magnesium, and other pollutants in the water that are receptive to magnetism. The coils are run along the sides of the filter bed and create a magnetic field; as the water passes through them, the contaminants are pulled into the field, and once the filter is full the particles are flushed out. It’s important to note that the performance of these devices is unproven in the scientific community.

Catalytic Media

Also known as salt-free softeners, these conditioners remove excess amounts of sodium, calcium, and magnesium in the water. The process itself is called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), and it forces the minerals to undergo a chemical reaction that converts them into hardness crystals, which are unable to adhere to surfaces, eliminating scaly buildup.

Water Conditioning System Installation in Lowell, AR

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