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Meet Our Team

Tim Paetz – General Manager/Owner
Jimmy Clark – Owner
Blain Hutchison – Owner
Debra B. – Human Resource Manager
Sharon O. – Call Center Manager
Ilana H. – Accounting
Scott R. – Comfort Advisor
Buddy M. – HVAC Tech
Egan H. – HVAC Tech
Gary G. – Comfort Advisor
Nick S. – HVAC Tech
Shannon H. – Sales
Stacey K. – HVAC Tech
Steven H. – HVAC Tech
Joseph K. – HVAC Tech
John D. – HVAC Installer
Darrick P. – Warehouse/Inventory Manager
Jannine B. – CSR
Jessica K. – CSR
Amber P. – CSR
Humberto Z. – HVAC Installer
Curtis M. – HVAC Installer
Dan H. – HVAC Installer
Michael M. – HVAC Installer
Osvaldo M. – HVAC Tech
Jose M. – Duct Hanger
Transito P. – HVAC Installer
Heather C. – CSR
Don P. – Plumber
David N. – HVAC Tech
Morgan B. – HVAC Installer
Donald S. – Duct Cleaner
Jose C. – HVAC Tech.
Alex M. – Plumber
Anthony H. – HVAC Tech.
Kelsey M. – Inside Sales
Matt C. – Electrician
Eddie L. – HVAC Tech

If you are looking for a Lowell air conditioning or heating professional please call ​(479) 927-2700(479) 927-2700 or complete our online request form.